Illness & Death
Illness & Death

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How to Say It® When You Don’t Know What to Say: Illness & Death is truly a professional gift!  The details for communicating are simple, thoughtful, empathetic and professional yet personal.  This book will be a gem to so many professionally and in everyday life.”

Charlene Beckett, Parish Nurse, Greenwich Presbyterian Church, Nokesville VA

Speaking of grief
How to Show Support to the Bereaved
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It can be really awkward when someone you know is grieving a loss and you never met the deceased. Should you participate in the burial and mourning rituals at the funeral, cemetery, or home? Do you pay a personal call days or weeks following a death? Maybe you did know the deceased, but you’re afraid to say or do the wrong thing and contemplate staying away. Many folks have questions on what’s appropriate etiquette following a death. I’ve come to the conclusion that just showing up is what’s most important.

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