Illness & Death
Illness & Death

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“Kaplan has written a book that should be a staple of every medical school’s curriculum.  It’s a must for student doctors, and those advanced in their training. Not only does Kaplan include examples of how and what to say (and perhaps more importantly, what NOT to say), but practical tips on what to DO. ‘Tips’ in bold, scattered throughout each section, offer quick, practical suggestions when the reader is pressed for time.”

Barbara M. Mackie, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor at VCU School of Medicine and Georgetown University School of Medicine

Speaking of grief
No quick fix for grief
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There is no way around it; grief is painful. It’s hard to experience it yourself and it’s terribly difficult to watch someone you love go through it. But what’s the alternative?

You can’t medicate your grief; at some point you have to stop and the pain comes rushing back. Distractions do help; but if you are not grieving your loss, eventually distractions end and you are once again left with the pain. So what does work?

HOW TO COMFORT from $3.95 to $6.95

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